Taxi Please

Taxi Please provides you with a revolutionary new taxi booking taxi service . Whenever you wish to call a taxi, simply use our free app and avoid all the difficulties. Taxi Please automatically knows where you are, and translates your current location and destination into the local language immediately for the driver. It’s as simple as a few clicks and you are immediately connected to the nearest driver. No headaches, no hassles. If you wish, you can also provide the driver with additional instructions through the app and it always provides an estimate of when your taxi should arrive. Or simply call the driver directly - again, using our app's driver connect feature Future bookings are also catered for as Taxi Please has a booking service for your next trip, providing a secure & convenient system. A few simple clicks broadcasts your job to all taxis nearby, and when your booking is accepted, you immediately receive the taxi number, contact details and estimated time of arrival. Easy, simple and efficient. And best of all, Taxi Please is free for all users to download and use.