Zyppos is a crowdsourcing platform of travel experts which users can hire for a fee to make sure they have an amazing trip and find the best flights and lowest fares.

Zyppos looks to remove the stress of looking for flights in conventional search engines. It uses its registered experts and travel consultants to help users get amazing savings on all trips and flights. Zyppos aims at helping users focus on the joy of travels and encourages everyone to start travelling more.

Firstly, users submit a contest by entering their trip details and providing a reward fee. Secondly, registered and approved experts compete to find the best flights and lowest fares. Thirdly, users select a winner by choosing the best expert that matches all their needs, receiving booking. Users can then have an unforgettable trip while taking advantage of huge savings.

Zyppos aims at trying to reduce the stress in searching for flights and making life a little more awesome.