Danny Chan

It was while studying in Australia and supporting himself through part time work in customer service positions that Danny came to experience and realise the physical and psychological challenges of working on the front-line of business, as well as the power of both complaints and appreciation.

After returning to Hong Kong in 2001, Danny engaged in a variety of roles across diverse industries ranging from tourism to branding, and from people development to public relations. But at the heart of his work lay a deep and sincere commitment to serve and support people.

But it was at the age of 32 that Danny made a profound and remarkable decision that would radically alter the direction of his life. In response to what he experienced as an emerging corporate culture dominated by complaint driven reaction, he committed himself to developing a platform through which he could champion and promote a somewhat contradictory culture of praise and appreciation, and lead a transformation in organisational behaviour.

The outcome of his courageous effort is this award-winning concept, Praisage (http://www.praisage.com), which is now the world's first platform of praise.

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