Elisa Harca

I am focused on growing and developing Red Ant's global offering covering Europe, LATAM and Asia - with specific focus on China from our Shanghai office and Asia Pacific from our Hong Kong office. I live in Hong Kong, but travel every few weeks to Shanghai. So, if you are in town and want to connect, let me know.

I have worked at in a number of different companies and I genuinely believe that Red Ant is different. It's an exciting place to be as a team member or as a client. So, what do we do....

"Red Ant are experts in developing enterprise mobile technology for retailers , enabling them to deliver a joined-up digital experience:Delivering a seamless shopping experience with the customer at its heart, Improving internal communication and empowering employees, Converging core business areas to deliver unified operational performance"

My speciality is integrated marketing - of which digital is at the core. I have worked in multiple disciplines: PR, events, advertising and have been part of grass roots campaigns as well as long-term strategies. For me, it's about doing the right work with the right people.

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