Gigi Chi Ting Au Yeung

Founder & Director of DunDum Limited. Enviro-social-tech start up 2015 Hong Kong. She has just finished her Ph.D. thesis research in Singapore in Nov 2014 after graduation from PolyU with B.Eng. (Hon 1) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design in Aug 2010. Having spent 4 years in this city well-known for its clean environment, eco-consciousness of its citizens, and its government policies, she feels the urge to make some changes for the upset HK society with her global outlook; analytic research and marketing skills; creativity, and leadership/entrepreneurship exposures. Sporty, cheerful, motivated.

DunDum provides *hassle-free* trading experience for sellers and buyers. All you need to do is literally a few snaps and description; then simply leave all the rest to us for your easy cash-back. We are professional in dealing with cash-able higher-quality pre-loved/ pre-owned items, including compiling ad, finding info about your item, seeking buyer, and the biggest headache of collection and delivery.

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