Theodore Ma

After graduating from Stanford in 2004, Theodore has been leveraging his family's jewelry retail network and wholesale business, and extending them to the online world.

In his capacity as MaBelle's e-Business and Web Development Director, he designed and built an online fulfillment infrastructure and successfully integrated it into the group's 100+ stores in Hong Kong and China. Customers can seamlessly purchase or reserve any piece of jewelry from their inventory of over 6000 styles, online and pick up their goods offline in less than 2 days. None of their competitors in Asia offer comparable integrated services.

Furthermore, with his website, he developed one of the first online "Design It Yourself" Jewelry services that allows customers to build and preview their designs instantaneously and have them made at affordable prices.

Online sales and online induced in-store sales from these websites have consistently increased by double digit percentages over the past 6 years. The e-commerce platforms now reach customers in over 71 countries and 400 cities internationally.

In 2012, Theodore co-founded, CoCoon, an idea exchange platform, with his family. This idea exchange platform aims to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit among Hong Kong people and to stimulate the creation of innovative jobs.

He wishs to achieve this by building a physical community of entrepreneurs first, through a co-working space. In this space, monthly Pitch Nights are being hosted and various sharing events to bridge established business owners and investors with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. In the near future, he will bring in the wider business community to invest both monetarily and non-monetarily to scale the ventures of these entrepreneurs.

It has been encouraging to see Cocoon member entrepreneurs creating innovative careers for themselves and for others. Theodore believes this delivers both short and long term benefits to our society.

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