Zegal (formerly Dragon Law)

Zegal's (formerly Dragon Law) core mission is to help small and midsized business leaders and owners in modernising their businesses and in becoming more efficient. To do so, we deliver high quality professional support by leveraging state of the art technology and workflow support.

We offer intelligent, cloud-based legal tools that help businesses draft and negotiate their routine legal documents, get basic legal support or access independent legal advice in a way that is simple and cost effective and saves a lot of time for the business leaders.

Our clients are innovative business leaders who want to use technology to run their businesses more effectively, save money and save time to focus more on their clients and business and less on administrative tasks.

Founded in 2013, Zegal is based in Hong Kong at the Cyberport and was selected as one of the Cyberport incubatee companies in 2014. Our founders are distinctive professionals each with 10 to 20 years of experience in leading law firms, technology companies and consulting firms. Our balance sheet is very solid and our funding allows us to consider fast growth over the coming few years.