ArisingLand.comis the first and only internet-based property portal solely focusing on emerging real estate markets. ArisingLand operates a property portal connecting international property buyers with property developers and agents in the emerging markets. We offer property buyers a unique property investing searching and investing experience by providing an informative and analytical web portal. There is growing attention for emerging real estate markets from international property investors. Having gone through extensive reforms, these markets are now experiencing rapid economic growth, middle class expansion, and real estate booms. The emerging markets are appealing to property investors for its low prices, high rental yields, and high potential for capital appreciation. There is no international property portal solely focusing on emerging markets. The existing portals mainly operate on a country-specific basis, which means they market properties in a specific country for the corresponding audience. In addition, there is little market information and statistics available for investors who wish to invest in the emerging property markets. We aim to bridge the gap in the current market and give the international investors what they want.