ASTA Systems Limited

Founded in 2000, ASTA Systems Limited (ASTA) is a leading software provider that offers web-based software solutions in the areas of Document Management, eForm and Workflow Management, eMarketing and Web Content Management.

In daily business operations, it is inevitable to deal with documents from different departments, suppliers, partners and customers. Our web-based document and workflow management enables company to replace traditional file server and share terabytes of documents through the Internet easily. All scanned documents, MS Office, PDF and image can be stored in a central repository. Users can quickly search and retrieve necessary documents using full text search or profile search. The system provides a way to ensure the information you needed is always available on demand.

The eForm and workflow management system helps company to turn paper form circulation into electronic approval. It truly automates the document and process control of the company and can be adopted in a lot of business processes ranging from internal administrative procedure, budget approval to purchase requisition.

In its ten years operations, ASTA has implemented the software solution together with consulting work to hundreds of organization in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, USA and Middle East. Our worldwide client base includes leading companies and Fortune 500 organizations in the areas of Education, Banking and Financial Services, Accounting, Legal, Manufacturing and Non-Governmental Organization.

ASTA has been partnering with many leading companies such as Kodak, BEA, IBM, Dell, Sun Microsystems and Oracle for product integration. We are authorized Kodak reseller and IBM value added partner that resell a full range of Kodak scanner and IBM hardware.