EzeeCube is an open source, Apple TV®-like, entirely wireless device that connects to the internet and your TV screen. It automatically syncs and sorts your photos, videos and contacts from your iOS® and Android devices, whilst simultaneously charging them using wireless inductive technology.

The EzeeCube’s 1TB capacity can store up to 500,000 photos and automatically categorise them by place, date and facial recognition. It will even remove duplicate and visually-similar photos for you to minimise clutter. And if you do need more storage space you can simply place some EzeeCube accessories on top of your EzeeCube, just like Lego® blocks.

EzeeCube is a stylish, aluminium-bodied, ultra-minicomputer that connects to your TV and is controlled through your smart phone or TV remote control. Its elegant design and intuitive operation make it easy for even tech-shy users to navigate and enjoy.



US$ 40000