Based in Hong Kong, Tink Labs is the first technology company in the world to provide a comprehensive smartphone solution for the hospitality industry. Founded in April 2012, Tink Labs believes in the capacity for mobile technology to simplify life's many complications. We combine our zeal for problem solving with our flair for creativity to develop exceptional products that take the annoyance out of traveling.

handy, when implemented as an in-room amenity at hotels, is a fantastic tool to not only elevate the guest experience, but also drive incremental revenues to dining and spa outlets. At partner properties, after a guest checks in, s/he will find a handydevice prominently situated in the hotel room. The device is offered to guests on a free-of-charge basis and they are welcome to use handy for connectivity and information – devices generally come with unlimited 3G internet, unlimited calls (local & international), as well as an up to date city guide. The handy platform is tightly integrated with the hotel’s PBX and PMS systems, allowing the handy smartphone to be a portable extension of the in-room phone. As a result of the fact that handy can provide room-to-room calls, voicemail functionality, and much more, we are already seeing hotels completely replace their in-room phones with handy in the near future.