Lingsik King Limited

Lingsik king limited strives to create the most convenient way for corporate and individual customers to enjoy a variety of snacks through integrated e-platforms of and Lingsik mobile application. Through our direct sales business model, the lowest price is guaranteed because we avoided high rental and distribution cost.

Through the start up of, we strive to provide the following BEST 3

BEST No. 1: The Lowest Price (至平)

We wish to amaze our customers with snacks at such low price.

BEST No. 2: Largest variety (至多)

We wish to offer our customers with the largest variety of snacks.

BEST No. 3: The Shortest Delivery Time (至快)

We wish to surprise our customers with our same day delivery service*

We sell more than just snacks believes that sharing yummy snacks is the best way to “Share Happiness & Love”, “分享快樂, 分享愛” in Chinese.

Through the delivery of Lingsik Yummy Box to your beloved clients, your lover, your colleagues, your relatives or your friends, we believe it is the best way to share your happiness and love with them. We believe snacks itself and the sharing of snacks can act as a “hub” between people, improving relationship and bringing people we care closer.

*condition applied: with orders received before 0930 on working days, the order could be delivered to the customers in the afternoon while stock lasts