Praisage is the world's first online platform of praise, aiming to provide an integrated and independent channel for the public to express their appreciation, enhance the Praise Quotient (PQ) and promote the culture of appreciation. One can register as a "Praise-maker" with email or through Facebook account and shares the stories of heartfelt service and incidences worth appreciation in the website, as well as giving and receiving praises of the others and create their own “Praise Journal”!

Appreciation Paragon Limited, the parent company of Praisage, is a professional appreciation management consultancy committed to assist companies and brands to build the culture of appreciation, with services including the building and management of organizational appreciation systems, appreciation training courses for managerial and frontline staff and seminars and talks on specific topics of appreciation. The series of services we offer enable organizations to build and sustain the appreciation culture and enhance the morale and spirit of staff, who in turn deliver more delightful service experience to customers.

Since the inception in 2012, the industries we have served includes tourism, catering, insurance, telecommunications, retail etc, with remarkable comments in the training courses we delivered. Looking ahead to the future, we will design more comprehensive, standardized yet flexible services to suit the needs of different companies, and provide service program catering for SMEs to enable a more widespread of appreciation culture in organizations.



HK$ 600000