Printact was founded in early 2013. The name is a combination of the two words

“Print” and “Tact”

,which implies 3D printing with tactics. We believe everyone can easily learn and utilize digital making skills, such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting, and electronics DIY. Our mission is to provide a series of talks, tasting sessions, courses and workshops to equip people with the knowledge to adapt to the latest technological revolution in manufacturing. We have been working with several partners to promote 3D printing technologies to the public, namely, the Hong Kong University Alumni Association, Junior Chamber International Hong Kong, Hong Kong Academy of Gift Education, and the University of Hong Kong. In addition to providing the training of 3D printing techniques, Printact also provide 3D printing services on products with client-specified customizations. Our products include phone cases, accessories, bookmarks, keychains, candle stands, and other personal gifts for lovers, family, classmates and graduates. In summary, Printact is a place that welcomes you to come to learn 3D printing and order customized 3D printed products.