There’s an obsession with “being a twenty-something”. I don’t want to be creating more ideas and definitions on yet another online platform, giving people bullet pointed lists of excuses for them to act the way they do. We don’t need to define you on TwentyBliss. We want to hear your ideas, give you resources and an audience. It’s about coming together with things that we have in common at an age where so many opportunities are in front of us, and executing them. Curating and cultivating our futures together. We should be seeking inspiration, not validation. We want to create a global conversation about art.People in their twenties often have so much to say, but don’t necessarily have anyone to listen.As artists ourselves, we understand the crippling fear that comes with showing your work. We believe that part of the intimidation comes from having to approach galleries and all the in-between details of putting together an opening night- We want to eliminate that.We want to be the people who encourages and empowers you.