Venture Technology

At Venture we understand new startups and projects face an overwhelming amount of obstacles especially at the initial stage and it is often hard to discern the path to turn your vision into reality. We can only be experts at so many things but often new projects or ideas requires you have a wide array of skills and that can be daunting. Imagine you have a game changing idea but people around you don’t have the necessary skills to help. What can you do and where can you ask for help? With the introduction of Venture, everything changes.

Venture assists you to bringing your project ideas into reality by connecting you to like-minded individuals with different skill sets. By Building a network of professionals on the platform and quick identification of talent, it will be a major problem solver for new business hiring. We believe all it takes is one simple conversation to start a new world of collaboration.

It’s not just another messaging or social app; we aim to help fuel your creative and innovative ideas and projects by simplifying the way people can find each other



HK$ 500000