When we first moved to Hong Kong from overseas, we immediately fell in love with this vibrant, fashionable and fun city. While busy attending drinks and parties, making friends, and experiencing Hong Kong’s colorful nightlife, we constantly found ourselves asking the same question you must also have – what to wear? Yes, we love designer dresses for their beautiful design, flattering cutting and the luxury touch, but they come with a price tag. We either cannot think of enough opportunities to wear them, or we do not want to be seen in the same dress twice. Either way, a beautiful dress with an unjustifiably high cost per wear, and the frustrated us… Hence the birth of YEECHOO – the first online designer dress rental destination in Hong Kong! At only a fraction of the retail price, you get to wear the latest season, just off-the-runway designer dresses for all your special occasions.Without the cost concern, you are able to create new looks, experience different styles, and discover every charming side of your personality. YEECHOO believes that every girl deserves to be the most confident and fabulous self at that special moment. During Fashion Week in September 2013, we flew to New York to embrace the latest collections from our favorite designers and carefully picked the most beautiful pieces, each comes with a story to tell. “YEECHOO” is a play on the Mandarin word “closet”, the fundamental concept behind our platform – a boundless closet that belongs to all of us. “YEECHOO” is also a variation on “you choose” – we are inviting you to open YEECHOO, and choose your dream dress here.