• Who can list their startup here?

    If you are based in Hong Kong you can list your startup on Startbase.hk.

  • What constitues a "startup?"

    Everything listed on Startbase.hk is in the technology industry - from smartphone app developers to e-commerce websites to 3D printer designers. You will not find frozen yogurt or wine shops here. That's called the Yellow Pages.

  • Why don't you list Chinese Mainland startups?

    One step at a time. Right now we want to make sure we have the most comprehensive Hong Kong startup database then we will head northbound.

  • How updated is the information on Startbase?

    Each company entry is managed by the company themselves, so they will update the content when they see fit. We try to assist when we can to keep important information timely.

  • Do you have an app?

    Startbase.hk is a responsive website so you can view on any smartphone or tablet and enjoy an app-like experience without having to download anything.

  • Who is behind Starbase.hk?

    This project has been initiated by StartupsHK, which does the daily maintenance and upkeep of the site. We are adding new founding organizations and corporate sponsors to the group on a regular basis.