Ashok Jaiswal

An accomplished Software Consultant with MS in Computer Science and MBA in Information Systems specializing in Agile Software Engineering and Management, Object-Oriented Design and Analysis with extensive multinational experience in full life cycle of software development process including requirement gathering, prototyping, design, testing and maintenance for applications such as:

* Client-Server and peer-to-peer High/Low resolution Video conferencing application .
* Media Asset Management Systems.
* Automatic and non-linear video editing application.
* Interactive Television Applications.
* Several audio/video codec development.
* DVB Graphics & Video Automation Systems.

Specialties:* Codec & WDM device driver development in DirectShow

* Expertise in application development using DirectX, OpenGL, IPP, QuickTime, Windows Media Encoder

* GUI development using MFC, Win32 API, ATL, WTL, wxWindows, GDI/GDI+, DirectX

* C/C++, C#/.NET, COM, STL programming using various IDE

* Graphics automation using XML, XSL, HTML and various other formats

* Management and development of object oriented, multi-threaded, multi-tier multimedia applications

As system architect, responsible for design and development of multimedia content management device called EzeeCube.

EzeeCube is an open source, Apple TV®-like, entirely wireless device that connects to the internet and your TV screen. It automatically syncs and sorts your photos, videos and contacts from your iOS® and Android devices, whilst simultaneously charging them using wireless inductive technology.

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