Ilya Belikin

I love science and technology. I believe, that I should do my best to learn and apply them for good. So I spend most of my time in endeavors to do so. (And improve my definition of "good" on the way.)

I use human-centric design. After years on PC with Linux or Windows, I found myself in best fit with Mac and post-PC Apple products. I am deeply passionate about the best user experience.

I like programming. I found it unacceptable to be a designer or a manager only. I like to be aware about new fresh and cool stuff and actually code, not just read about it.

I believe in management for good, agile mindset, talks that matters, coaching, good practice in programming, common sense and flying spaghetti monster.

I enjoy living in different places and trying to understand totally different cultures. I was born and grew up in Russia, Vladivostok, then moved to mainland China, Guangzhou. And currently, with my awesome wife, son and daughter we live in Hong Kong.

Current Companies