Patrick Kosiol

Co-Founder of S4BB Limited, Skylab Mobilesystems Limited, TreeCrunch Limited, Slate Takes Limited, Sky Drone and Toshi.

Majored in Computer Science in Germany, started companies while based in China (Kunming, Yunnan), moved to Hong Kong, started more companies and loves every single day of this crazy ride!

Previously worked in railway automation, car infotainment / navigation / 3D driving simulation which lead to several exhibitions.

Related projects have been nominated by the GSMA globally, won awards by the HKWTIA, CreateHK, HKAIM, as well as awarded Cyberport's Creative Micro Fund and entered the Cyberport Incubator.

Appeared in interviews on Bloomberg & TVB. Received media coverage through Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Guardian, Spiegel, Forbes and more.

Closed investment rounds successfully. Failed a startup and learnt from it.

Again, it's a crazy ride!